ShapeLuxury Ambassador

We are strongly believe in human power. That’s why we happy to announce our new ambassador program. we choose 10 Instagram Influencers for our brand every month. If you're interested to join team contact us, we'd love to review your application!

As Instagram is born for engagement, We recognize the power of influencers. We are Welcoming big or smaller-scale influencers a like, anywhere from 1k to 100M followers, but So long as there are real engagement and positive content that reflects what we stand for, let's work together!

Elite program ambassadors promo code


We offer a custom discount for  after you’ve been approved to join our Elite program promo code (limit one use per coupon).

  • -5% OFF for accounts 1k-30k followers
  • -10% OFF for accounts 31k-100k
  • -20% OFF for accounts 100k+.
  • -100% off for account 1M OR MORE

You can apply code in any product of


This code will be emailed to you after we approved you Elite program ambassadors.

all Elite program ambassadors, we expecting you to follow the Rule:

  • When you received product do as description below.
  • One multi-slide 24 hour story about & Instagram follow SWIPE UP store.
  • Product link in your bio for first 24 hours of promotion.
  • please give as real review.
  • more details contact us

Can't wait to work with you.

ShapeLuxury community Team.